Lighting up townships with premium fibre

At PayGoZo we believe access to the internet is a human right.
Our work is providing premium, affordable, Pay-As-You-Go fibre internet to the township communities of South Africa.

Our Mission

Bridging the
digital divide

In South Africa, there are still communities that do not have access to the internet. Through this first-of-its-kind project, we want to provide our Townships with fast, affordable, Pay-As-You-Go Internet and bridge the digital divide that exists in our country.

Essential Components of Township Fibre



Aerial Fibre

Our Vision

Connecting the townships of South Africa

The vision here at PayGoZo is simple: we want to empower communities in South Africa by providing everyone with affordable internet. Empowering is the key to unlocking potential and creating an environment where individuals, families, and communities can be safe, educated, and entertained.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with industry-leading companies and initiatives to make the digital divide in South Africa a thing of the past.

How We empower the community

Bridging the digital-divide is the only way to truly uplift the underserved. PayGoZo’s aim is to empower these communities by giving them access to the world’s knowledge and enabling them to experience it in a premium, limitless way.



Students need access to the internet to get the most out of their education and enable themselves to make a difference in their community and in the world.



Young business owners can harness the power of the internet to connect to their customers, receive and make payments and grow their business plus the economy.



Now more than ever we need connection with the world and those we love. Having an unlimited, fast internet gives the township folk an easy, low-cost way to connect with their loved ones. 

Our Dynamic Team

Customer Experience Team Lead

Andiswa Guwula

During the Kayamandi Fibre build phase, Andiswa gained expert knowledge that she now brings to the Customer Experience team. Her in-depth understanding of the area assists in customizing how we service our customers. 


Customer Experience Agent

Bukelwa Mdala

Bukelwa brings a new level of enthusiasm to our core team. Assisting each customer in their own language while getting to the core issue of their problem is where she thrives. 

Chief Operations Officer

Godfrey Krige

Godfrey is a qualified CA(SA) with 9+ year’s experience in the corporate retail environment at Africa’s largest retailer, the Shoprite Group of Companies, the last five years in an intrapreneurial role primarily responsible for developing and managing an executive agri-initiative.


Chief Technical Officer

James Devine

James has 24+ years in the Service Provider and ISP space, with more than 8 years in Tech start-ups. He was previously Herotel’s National Head of Networks and co-founder and Chief Information officer of Project Isizwe.


Head of Access

Jared Honey

Jared has 14+ years telco experience. He joins the team again after being the architect of Tshwane Free Wi-Fi (TshWi-Fi). He brings his wealth of knowledge to the table and manages all aspects of subscriber access.


Senior Field Agent

Masi Bixa

Masi has been involved with Kayamandi Fibre from the very beginning. She excels at solving complex issues on the ground, helping customers, and finding solutions to any challenge. She is the face of PayGoZo in Kayamandi. 

Chief Commercial Officer

Matthew Campbell

Matt is a qualified financial account with 12+ years experience in the ICT space, primarily as the Head of Go-To-Market at SEACOM Ltd. as well as the General Manager of SEACOM Western Cape.

Customer Experience Agent

Maureen Kafile

Maureen is from Kayamandi and is now a core part of the CX team at PayGoZo. She brings a friendly and bubbly personality to how we serve our customers. 

Customer Experience Agent

Sisanda Dayimani

Sisanda can’t stop talking about PayGoZo to her family and friends. Living in Kayamandi and truly understanding customers’ requirements is her superpower. 

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Henn

Rich has 15+ years of experience in telecommunications and was previously Chief Commercial Officer of Herotel and Chief Executive Officer at Kathea Communications.

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